Filter Foam - High Reticulated Square

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Filter Foam - High Reticulated Square

Filter Foam - High Reticulated Square

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Filter Foam - S28/60R High Reticulated Square

Filter Foam allows water and air to pass through it while filtering out small particles such as dust and debris. Some of its many uses include;
-   Air and water filtration
-   Air conditioners and ducted heating intake vents
-   Clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, dust extractors
-   Fish tanks, ponds and other water filters
-   Speakers and audio equipment
-   Relieving dust in Caravans, 4x4 and boats

Filter Foam grade S28/60R is a reticulated open cell polyether urethane foam, which exhibits a unique three-dimensional, uniform open structure.

When in use as a filter it can be cleaned by reverse flushing with water or by vacuuming. Immersion in hot water and mild detergent will remove oil and entrapped particles.

It will not rot or decompose under conditions of normal use and is not adversely affected by hot or cold water or with exposure to warm, humid conditions. The coarse open cell structure enhances drainage and air circulation characteristics.


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A4 Satchel

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