Proshield Foil Insulation

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Proshield Foil Insulation

Proshield Foil Insulation

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Proshield NSL is an Adhesive-backed Foil Insulation Foam

Adhesive Proshield 1200mm Wide has very dense and has high compressive strength. Because the cells are not broken in this foam and gas and liquid molecules do not freely travel from cell to cell, when exposed to heated gas the cells expand, filling the material and making closed cell foam an excellent heat insulator.


Construction, insulation for buildings, pipework and ducting

Automotive: vehicle fire walls, fire-proof doors and building panels

Automotive impact energy absorption structures and catalytic converters

Better corrosion resistance and weight economy than steel


Sold per lineal metre, at 1200mm width.

Available in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, or 25mm thickness.

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Shipping Dimensions:

120 x 25 x 25cm


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